Wheel Balancing

Albany Tyres ensures optimal car performance by providing wheel balancing and wheel alignment services for our North Shore clients.

Tyres overdue for a wheel balancing can cause distracting disturbances in your car’s performance. Imbalanced tyres are prone to wobbling, which impacts your ability to effectively handle your car. This only gets worse the faster you drive, so it can be a real hazard on the commute to and from the North Shore, on Auckland’s motorways, or on any of New Zealand’s many highways.

Thankfully you can be rid of those annoying vibrations with a quick and easy wheel balancing procedure. The car performance specialists at Albany Tyres will correct the imbalance, and are also able to provide a wheel alignment service for maximum car performance.

A regular wheel balancing and wheel alignment will keep your tyres in working condition for longer. If your tyres need a little upkeep, contact us for a smoother, safer ride. Remember that when it comes to tyres, there’s no such thing as ‘good’ vibrations.

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