Wheel Alignment

Ensure your vehicle’s optimal performance with precision wheel alignment services at Albany Tyres.

Albany Tyres are experts at wheel alignment. A regular wheel alignment is an important form of tyre maintenance for avoiding potentially dangerous situations.

Over time, daily wear and tear can disrupt your tyre alignment. This increases the rate of damage to your tires and causes that awful “pulling” feeling when you’re driving. Improperly aligned wheels can be a real hazard on the roads, and aren’t something you should have to deal with. Thankfully a wheel alignment is a relatively painless process. Bring your car into our Albany garage and our resident alignment specialists will perform a comprehensive tyre check to make sure you’re safe out there on the road.

By having a wheel alignment every now and then you can safely navigate Auckland rush hour traffic, or get out of the city altogether and explore the rest of New Zealand. Either way you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from your car being able to drive in a straight line. For a quick and easy wheel alignment contact Albany Tyres. We’ll have you driving straighter and safer in no time.

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