GT Radial tyres are made in some of the world’s most modern tyre manufacturing plants by one of the largest producers of tyres worldwide, producing approximately 30 million tyres every year-about four times the total number of tyres sold in New Zealand. With the GT Drivers Club, they are putting their confidence into the tyres and providing you with an excellent complimentary benefit program at the same time.

The GT Drivers Club includes a replacement guarantee, accident and breakdown cover plus more. Contact Albany Tyres & Alignment for further details.

Touring Car Range

Gt radial tyres north shore

GT Radial Champiro 128

The GT Radial Champiro 128 is a high performance tyre providing excellent ride comfort combined with superb control, making this a great value choice for your next set of tyres.

A new generation tyre offering performance control, also featuring excellent ride comfort. Providing superior grip on wet and dry roads due to the balanced performance and comfort, this is the ideal tyre for most cars. Polyester casing with nylon overlays lead to high speed stability. Curved tread blocks, combined with aggressive shoulder blading, provide outstanding water dispersion and wet grip.

gt radial north shore

GT Radial Champiro VP1

Champiro VP1 is a versatile all season tyre. Resulting in balanced comfort, control and mileage to meet the needs of drivers of small to medium family sized vehicles in all weather conditions.

Four deep, wide circumferential tread grooves provide excellent water channeling and anti-hydroplaning performance. Stable shoulder block with lateral groove reduces tread block movement and ensures quick steering response and cornering grip. Advanced tread compound generates excellent grip in wet and dry conditions, and delivers reduced rolling resistance for better fuel efficiency, resulting in a happy pocket and safe driving.

gt champiro north shore

GT Radial Champiro FE1

Designed for all round premium comfort, with an asymmetrical tread design for extra stability and wet weather performance, making the FE1 a great option at excellent value.

Wide longitudinal grooves allow for improved performance in wet conditions, with new generation hi tech compound improving wet grip and overall performance. Also featuring advanced tread design, reducing heat generation and lowering fuel consumption. As a result, the longevity of the tread life is increased. Asymmetric design for enhanced grip and a high modulus steel belt to improve driving stability.

High Performance Range

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GT Radial Champiro UHP AS

Designed for ultra high performance and all season capability, leading to a tyre to be relied on all year round. The GT Radial UHP AS provides safe and confident performance when you need it most.

Featuring excellent grip in wet and dry conditions, the tread design enhances water evacuation and wet weather grip. Optimised variable pitch technology reduces road noise, plus reduced rolling resistance and improved fuel efficiency. This leads to a longer tread life and extra value, meaning this is a tyre that keeps your pocket happy and family safe.

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GT Radial SportActive

A balance of performance and long life, the GT Radial SportActive is targeting a changing UHP tyre market and provides a great value option. Developed for high powered premium cars, it delivers superb grip and ultimate driving control in wet and dry conditions.

The new compound offers longer durability and consistent performance throughout the tyre life. Also featuring an innovative new profile, this leads to firm high speed handling and ultimate grip. Special design wide grooves and sipes for short braking distances on wet and dry roads improve wet performance.