Bridgestone Tyres

Think about this- the equivalent of just one hand print of tread per tyre makes contact with the road. Therefore, it’s essential to know you and your family are in safe hands.

Car tyres may all look the same, but Bridgestone has developed tyres to suit all motorists and the different cars they drive. As a result, Bridgestone has a large range to cover everyone’s needs.

With the latest in tyre technology and develpoment, Bridgestone are confident they have the right tyre for you.

Bridgestone has proven to be the most trusted tyre brand in NZ three years running, so you know their tyres are a good choice.

Looking for tyres will show there could be more than one option for the car you drive, so here’s Bridgestone’s guide to the best tyres to meet your needs.

Work is in progress to get all tyres available online, in the meantime click here and we’ll get a quote back to you ASAP.

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