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Founded in Taiwan in 1967, Maxxis tyres employs more than 30,000 people and is one of the world’s largest tyre companies. Operating in Asia, Europe, North America and South America, Maxxis supplies tyres to around 170 countries, including New Zealand.

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Maxxis MA751 Bravo

The MA751 is long proven all purpose SUV/4WD tyre and a favourite for drivers who need extra traction in off-highway applications.

Excellent highway performance with a quiet running tread pattern and confident on-road handling.

Very long lasting with a treadwear rating of 420. The nylon cap ply extends tread life, enhances puncture resistance and strengthens casing.

Excels in NZ conditions, the premium tread compound gives very high cut and abrasion resistance.

Maxxis AT700/AT771 Bravo

The AT700/771 Bravo offers refined highway performance along with dependable off-road traction.

Superb all terrain traction, the unique tread design features staggered shoulder blocks leading to extra bite. Great for the highway and great in gravel, mud & snow.

Superior highway running, toothed sipes in tread block and specially developed rubber compound provide excellent on-road braking and grip in both wet and dry conditions, and refined, quiet highway performance.

Maxxis AT980 Bravo AT

Outstanding All Terrain traction due to the deep tread blocks and all-new zig-zag tread pattern, delivering exceptional off-road grip and excellent self-cleaning.

First-class braking and wet road performance. All-new tread pattern and siped tread blocks ensure oustanding on-road performance.

Square tread contour design for increased road contact, improved handling and long-lasting performance – even on harsh gravel.

Excellent damage resistance thanks to a robust nylon cap ply for added puncture resistance and improved bruising protection.

Maxxis Razr AT811

The newest Razr is here. And true to its roots of both racing expertise and highway excellence, it’s a genuine, super capable, all-surface All Terrain. On road it drives like a beauty but head off the beaten track and it turns wild, ready to eat rocks and spit sand.

Featuring the famous Maxxis wrap-around Armour Ply for unbeatable damage resistance, the Razr AT shines on harsh and smooth surfaces alike. So come along for the ride and see how far it can take you. No one ever knew All Terrain could be this good.


Maxxis MT764 Bighorn

More aggressive than the Buckshot Mudder, the MT762 Bighorn offers: Heavy duty construction – for farm service and recreational use in harsh conditions. Superior off-road traction – staggered shoulder lugs, tapered blocks and wrap around shoulder design ensure superior off-road traction and control.

Enhanced sidewall protection – wrap around shoulder block design for extra protection in rough conditions. Superior wet road performance – siped tread blocks ensure control on wet highways.

Class leading puncture resistance – nylon cap ply resists punctures and strengthens casing. Proven long life – even on harsh forestry roads.

Maxxis MT772 Razr

The new-generation MT772 Razr MT brings together all of Maxxis’ off-road and racing technology and expertise into a tyre that stands up to every challenge it encounters.

Extreme durability: New “Armour Ply” features intertwined reinforcement fibres, dramatically improving casing strength for superior durability and toughness and extreme puncture resistance.

Extreme traction: Deeply sculpted tread blocks with two-stepped design for exceptional self-cleaning in mud and clay conditions – so you can get further in the most challenging of off-road conditions.

Quiet running: The MT772s tread blocks have been arranged so that they’re not only extremely grippy off road, they’re also very quiet on the highway. Seasoned off-roaders are continually surprised at how quiet the MT772 runs!


Maxxis M8060 Trepador

Extreme mudgrip design for superb performance in extreme mud conditions.

Exceptional mud traction from the directional tread pattern which ensures outstanding traction and excellent clearing performance.

Excellent ‘bite’ on hard ground, the square edged shoulder block design grips on hard packed earth and clay.

Outstanding puncture resistance due to the extra nylon cap ply ensuring stability and protection from punctures.

Maxxis M8080 Mudzilla Crossply

Extreme mud traction crossply design for the roughest and toughest jobs.

Hugely strong crossply construction making the Mudzilla virtually indestructible.

Outstanding mud grip with a deep tractor style directional tread block design and staggered shoulder lugs. Leading you through where others fail.

Tough long lasting tread.

Maxxis M8090 Creepy Crawler Crossply

The ultimate extreme off road tyre.

Immensely strong bias ply construction which has been built to withstand the harshest rocky terrain and forest trails. Also designed for high puncture resistance.

Enhanced traction on rocky surfaces due to a unique tread design for added traction and steering capability on hard surfaces.

Extra grip in mud & snow conditions from the chunky wrap around shoulder blocks adding extra traction and sidewall protection.

Extremely tough tyre which is still fine for highway use.


Maxxis HT750/HT760 Bravo HT

A hardworking, long wearing non-directional highway pattern for the driver who is primarily on the highway.

Excellent tyre for highway use, the all season tread pattern gives a smooth, quiet ride while retaining excellent wet braking performance.

Excellent stability due to the extra nylon cap ply for enhanced puncture resistance and casing rigidity.

Very long wearing – treadwear rating 540 (HT760) and 480 (HT750). As a result, you are getting a great tyre at good value.

Maxxis HT770 Bravo

Premium highway terrain tyre designed for light truck and SUVs.

The new sidewall design delivers a supple ride while maintaining excellent stability under heavy braking. Closed shoulder pattern design and multi-pitched tread blocks creates a more serene driving experience.

Traction on slippery surfaces is increased due to the ripple sipe design, this also improves the overall wear pattern.

Dual circumferential grooves increase water dispersion efficiency leading to improved hydroplaning resistance.