Engineered for the ultimate in High Performance, Yokohama tyres are designed and built to bring out the best in your cars performance. Precise cornering response, superb traction and feel for the road are some of the hallmarks of Yokohama high performance technology.



A tyre for everyday motorists who want save money on fuel. The BluEarth AE01 ‘ eco tyre’ gives a quiet and smooth ride and reassuring grip on wet slippery roads and, unlike other low rolling resistance tyres that often lack grip in the wet, grip is restored by Yokohama’s patented Orange Oil and silica rubber compound. “Go 8% further on a tank of fuel”!


The C.drive2 is for a step up from the BluEarth AE01. It offers better handling for everyday motorists or families looking for a safe feel and secure grip on wet roads.

The asymmetrical pattern gives a smooth and quiet ride and crucial stability in emergency situations. The C.drive2 suits hatchbacks, medium size sedans, people movers and vehicles with sports or luxury pack upgrades.


The A.driveR1 is Yokohama’s entry level low profile sports performance tyre and is excellent value for money. Upgrade your car’s performance, especially if you upgrade its wheels. The “R1” is an aggressive, stylish low profile directional tyre which gives good value performance in both wet and dry conditions. It suits hot hatches, turbo cars and some larger sports sedans.


The A539 is an asymmetrical pattern providing balanced performance with low noise levels and excellent comfort. A proven performer in wet and dry conditions.

The A539 was voted the best performance tyre in Wheels Magazine Tyre Test 2003. The A539 came out on top in Best Braking, Best Cornering, Best Slalom Control against all the major brands and was declared the Wheels tyre test winner in the performance category.



ADVAN is Yokohama’s flagship pattern and the ADVAN Sport V103 offers performance at a very high level, giving not only excellent handling and steering response, but also exceptional wet pavement traction, and a comfortable ride. Developed from race track experience. Original equipment on Bentley, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes and Honda.


The latest development of Yokohama’s flagship pattern- Advan Sport V105. For high and ultra-high performance vehicles with a perfect balance of outstanding handling and braking in both wet and dry conditions but also high levels of comfort and low noise. Asymmetrical pattern with Yokohama’s latest Orange Oil tread compound technology. Original Equipment fitment to Porsche, Audi, Mercedes.