When it comes to mag wheels, choosing the right wheel should be your number one priority, wheels literally lay the foundation for your vehicle.

Albany Tyres boasts a wide range of high quality mag wheels. Apart from making your vehicle look sporty, there are more practical reasons why car designers and engineers prefer mag wheels instead of traditional steel wheels.

One of the most distinctive features is their light weight, this reduces the overall car weight which increases fuel efficiency. A lighter vehicle is better equipped to handle uneven terrains and gives the driver better steering capabilities. They are also rigorously tested for heat emission, making them great heat conductors, their heat emission capability significantly reduces the chances of brake failure and also decreases the amount of pressure on your vehicle’s engine. Mag wheels are incredibly strong and are able to provide greater shock resistance on a wide variety of terrains.

Albany Tyres is the premier stockist of the following globally renowned brands of Mag Tyres:

We Stock All Major Brands Including...