A driver’s overall satisfaction directly correlates to comfort and tyre performance. That is why Nexen was chosen as part of a handful of manufacturers approved for OE fitments. Nexen’s rigorous quality and performance testing have earned the trust of automakers who know if a driver is satisfied with their tyres they are also likely to be satisfied with their vehicle. Therefore, increasing the probability to purchase the same vehicle brand in the future. Because of this, you can trust Nexen tyres.

Touring Range

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Nexen Nfera AU5

The N’Fera AU5 is a premium comfort ultra-high-performance tyre for passenger cars.

The AU5 provides excellent wet and dry performance. With features that include an even energy and heat distribution that reduces wear and improves durability. The uniform block design helps provide a quiet and comfortable ride.

High stiffness block pattern enhances performance at high speed, increasing steering stability.

Uniform block distribution and stiffness delivers a silent and comfortable ride.

Groove Internal Serration reduces 3D flow in whirls when driving in the wet, which increase handling and driving stability.

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Nexen Nfera AU7

The N’Fera AU7 is manufactured with an improved tread design. This increases wet braking performance and handling with maximum grip to make sure your passenger tyre sticks to the road.

Experience has shown that Nexen’s All Season Ultra-High-Performance technology provides an excellent balance of performance for New Zealand drivers and our roads.

Securing wide traction during cornering by applying semi-ribs – maximising the handling stability

The 5 optimal variable pitch blocks for dispersing the pattern noise reduce the negative pressure and generate a soft tone, ensuring a silent and comfortable ride

Nexen CP672

The sectional design of the CP672 reduces pattern noise for quiet driving.

Four straight wide grooves maximise wet traction. The CP672’s rigid shoulder block enhances cornering and handling stability. The straight centre semi-dual rib offers high speed stability as well as excellent steering.

5 Random Pitch Variation gives optimised sectional design to reduce noise.

Rigid Shoulder Block Design to enhance cornering and handling stability.

Performance Range

Nexen N8000

The N8000 tyre is an ultra-high-performance tyre featuring a super soft compound. As a result, extreme grip and a new asymmetrical pattern combine to provide an incredibly dynamic driving experience with super sharp handling and cornering. The N8000 is the ultimate expression of today’s tyre technology.

New tread design featuring an outer tread zone for excellent handling and an inner tread zone for enhanced wet performance.

Enhanced traction on both wet and dry roads.

Straight centre rib provides driving stability and excellent steering response.

Enhanced cornering and handling stability due to the rigid shoulder block design.

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Nexen Nfera SU1

Designed with cutting edge technology. Because of this, improved handling and stable braking performance is enabled under every driving condition, regardless of dry or wet road surfaces.

The SU1 offers excellent grip and reduces the uneven wear of tread, extending the tyre life.

Excellent wet driving performance and enhanced superior handling thanks to 3 main grooves and 1 semi-groove.

Improved handling and braking performance due to enhanced dry grip.

Stress concentrated during high speed cornering is softened through equal block spacing and enhanced block rigidity to boost cornering and steering stability