A driver’s overall satisfaction directly correlates to comfort and tyre performance. That is why NEXEN is part of a handful of manufacturers approved for OE fitments. NEXEN’s rigorous quality and performance testing have earned the trust of automakers who know if a driver is satisfied with their tyres they are also likely to be satisfied with their vehicle – increasing the probability to purchase the same vehicle brand in the future. Because of this, NEXEN is a brand you can trust.


Nexen Nfera RU1

The N’Fera RU1 is a high performance asymmetric tyre that provides optimal handling and braking based on new technology, adopted to deliver an unrivalled driving experience for SUV owners.

  • Three wide grooves on the in-side part that wields great influence upon the driving performance in the rain are applied to improve wet performance

  • A narrow groove on the outside is applied to increase the block stiffness to improve handling and steering stability during cornering

  • Silent sipes disperse noise from high stiffness block resulting in a low noise output

  • Optimised out/in rib balance delivers the best stability during high-speed driving

​OE fitments for Kia and Porsche.

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Nexen Nfera RU5

The Nexen N’Fera RU5 is a premium asymmetric tyre for the SUV market.

The tread pattern wave and straight grooves optimises the flow of water and improves hydroplaning performance. The enhanced centre block offers improved handling response during high speed driving.

  • Wave and Straight Grooves optimises the flow of water and improves hydroplaning performance

  • Enhanced Centre block offers improved handling response during high speed driving

  • Micro Groove enhances optimised traction performance in the wet and the snow during all four seasons

  • By applying the second rib on the outside asymmetrically to the inside, it optimises the stiffness of in and out, delivering higher stability

nexen roadian north shore

Nexen Roadian HP

The Nexen Roadian HP is a technological masterpiece. It features a high-tech silica based compound, a unique combined straight channel and V type directional pattern that provides remarkable cornering and stability for today’s high-powered SUV vehicles.

  • V-shaped Directional Tread Pattern offers enhanced high performance grip on any road surface

  • 5 Random Pitch Variation gives optimised sectional design to reduce pattern noise

  • Wide and Deep Directional Grooves provide excellent drainage and braking

  • Large Shoulder Blocks maximises cornering grip

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Nexen Roadian HTX RH5

The Roadian HTX RH5 is a premium luxury tyre for SUV and 4×4 vehicles that provides excellent handling, stable cornering and water drainage performance.

  • Zig-zag Sipe pattern increases sipe density and braking performance

  • Large shoulder blocks enhance handling performance

  • A unique sipe in the groove and 3D edge design helps prevent stones retention in the tread and improves mud extraction performance

  • Optimised multi sequence on the centre and shoulder delivers optimal noise, wear and drainage performance


nexen all terrain

Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8

Offers SUV owners the best in safety and handling in all terrains. The Roadian AT Pro is designed to provide strength and stability under heavy loads for improved ride and tread wear. Because of the specially designed pattern and compound, the AT Pro is a tyre for all occasions.

  • Dual Blocks prevents gravel from being caught and prevents damage from external impact through dual block construction

  • Micro grooves enhance driving performance and traction on wet or snow-covered roads

  • Staggered centre ribs offer better biting edges when off-road by strengthening the block stiffness

  • Wide shoulder blocks enhance block stiffness and stability

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Nexen Roadian MTX RM7

The Nexen Roadian MTX (Mud Terrain Xtreme) tyre features an aggressive design that is extremely versatile for on and off-road driving. The uprated casing maximises load and towing capabilities without sacrificing any of the rugged traits or on highway comfort. Each tyre boasts a dual Beast or Machine sidewall design that allows you to customise the look of the tyre on your vehicle. ​

  • Distinctively designed dual sidewalls – “Beast” and “Machine” – giving the customer the freedom to choose the look that best represents their lifestyle and vehicle

  • The 3-ply sidewall provides protection for better stability and durability when hauling heavy loads and dealing with harsh off-road terrain

  • Burly lugs for maximum grip, aggressive traction and complete control

  • The patented, optimised block positions reduce tyre noise when transitioning from mud trails to asphalt streets.

  • F load capacity on all flotation sizes and maximum air pressure of 80 PSI for increased towing capacity and a higher load capacity.

  • A reinforced rubber belt delivers exceptional load-bearing durability over a range of applications.

  • Rim protector bars on sizes 20” and up keep your prized rims safe from curb-rub or rock abrasion.