Looking for 4 x 4 tyres? Drop by Albany Tyres, NZ’s leading supplier of four wheel drive tyres.

Whether you’re a keen off‐roader or an urban adventurer, it’s important to have a good set of 4 x 4 tyres.

For four wheel drive tyres in Auckland you can be sure that Albany Tyres will have something to suit your needs. We’re confident that once you check out our extensive range of 4 x 4 tyres geared towards NZ vehicles you’ll be able to find the perfect match. To facilitate this, we offer both new and used 4 x 4 tyres and ute tyres. The fact that we cater for all budgets and specifications is part of why we’re Auckland’s #1 supplier of four wheel drive tyres.

Don’t get stuck in the mud, contact us and drive off with a new set of 4 x 4 tyres to explore NZ with.

Purified Nitrogen

purified-nitrogenA product typically used in specialist applications to inflate aircraft and motorsport tyres is now available here at Albany Tyres, come in today and see us about filling your tyres with Nitrogen or click here to find out how it can not only increase the life of your tyres but also improve the performance of your vehicle.

The brands we represent include leading tyre manufacturers such as: