For Firestone tyres in Auckland, think Albany Tyres.

Whether you’re looking for new tyres for your family car, van, or commercial vehicle, Firestone Tyres have something for every consumer. At Albany Tyres we stock a large selection of Firestone tyres right here in Auckland.

We stock the best of their extensive all purpose range, and can now offer you the perfect set of Firestone tyres for what you require, at a great rate. When it comes to buying new tyres you can be assured that Firestone tyres offer comfort and superior handling in any conditions. With New Zealand’s notoriously changeable weather, this seamless adaptability allows our Albany clients to drive safely all year round. When it comes to road safety you can’t afford to be caught out by the conditions, but you can afford a new set of Firestone tyres.

Models Carried:

  • Firehawk TZ100
  • Firehawk TZ700
  • Destination

Come and see us at our Albany tyre shop, and get in contact to be fitted with the ideal Firestone tyres for your vehicle.

Purified Nitrogen


A product typically used in specialist applications to inflate aircraft and motorsport tyres is now available here at Albany Tyres, come in today and see us about filling your tyres with Nitrogen or click here to find out how it can not only increase the life of your tyres but also improve the performance of your vehicle.

We Stock All Major Brands Including: